The first mobile helium recycling unit in Europe!

The RECYCL’He solution was born from a strong observation: we are witnessing today a worldwide shortage of helium, and a multiplication of the uses of this gas (electronics, lifting, medicine…). And yet, the use that is made of it is almost unique, by rejecting the helium after its use in the atmosphere. The RECYCL’He system allows to avoid this waste in order to preserve this rare resource.

We recycle your used helium!

With RECYCL'He, we take care of everything!


of helium on your site


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of recycled helium

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A technical innovation in line with 45-8 ENERGY's vision

A solution at the heart of our expertise: helium

Preserve and recycle a rare resource

Secure an European helium volume in times of shortage

Limit CO₂ emissions compared to the traditional helium supply chain

Create a circular economy sector

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