A pioneering and innovative company at the heart of environmental and energy issues

The co-founders of 45-8 ENERGY, aware of environmental issues and keen to use their geological expertise to support an eco-engaged action, started from strong observations:

    • 100% of the helium consumed in Western Europe is imported mainly from the United States, Qatar and Algeria at great energy cost. 
    • 95% of the hydrogen consumed comes from the steam reforming of hydrocarbons and coal which, for 1tof hydrogen produced, release 10 to 12t of CO2, an emission that is often unmanaged, thus contributing to the greenhouse effect.

Based on these alarming assessments, 45-8 ENERGY was created in 2017 by five partners wishing to put their skills at the service of the exploration and production of two eco-responsible industrial gases, strategic and valued in a short circuit: helium and natural hydrogen, as well as the resources that can be associated with them. A pioneering approach in Europe!


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