Our strategy

A positioning strategy Built on 3 pillars

The positioning of 45-8 ENERGY consists of 3 key points directed towards a single goal.

Satisfying locally and in an eco-friendly way helium and hydrogen markets which are carbon-intensive.

Innovative joint valorisation

Our helium exploration activities are conducted in geological contexts prone to the joint presence of other valuable resources such as natural hydrogen. We therefore ambition to value jointly these associated resources in an innovative way in order to maximize project synergies and optimize subsurface resources.

Favor local supplies

Transport has a direct impact on the resource price and on the environment. To limit the carbon footprint while increasing competitiveness, we are targeting local markets to limit transport distances and get rid of liquefaction which is energy-intensive and paradoxical for helium as most of the uses are at gaseous state.

Low carbon supply chains

The local marketing of gaseous resources allows us to set up a lean and low carbon supply chain, with gas separation using membrane technologies rather than liquefaction. The result is production units with a very small footprint and greatly reduced energy consumption, thus limiting the carbon impact of the projects and facilitating their territorial integration.

Optimization of the value chain

Our innovative positioning offers multiple optimizations in the helium and hydrogen value chain in Western Europe. 

A local supply

Transport reduction and its associated emissions

A straightforward conditioning without unnecessary steps

Secure supplies for European customers

Greener gases with enhanced traceability

Our vision for the helium supply chain

Today's helium supply chain in Europe

45-8 ENERGY supply chain model

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