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45-8 ENERGY: the best opportunity in 50 years of exploration?

As pioneer in Europe, 45-8 ENERGY is positioned to become the leading producer of helium and natural hydrogen in Europe by 2024.


€1.3 M raised in the middle of an unprecedented crisis.


A second fundraising round of €4.9M was finalised in record time.


A third stage of capital increase was carried out with a closing at €20M.

You are looking to invest in forward-looking, disruptive and high-potential projects?

Our company is made for you!

Why invest in 45-8 ENERGY ?

A pioneering company

First actor in a high-growth market with a disruptive and innovative approach.

A multidisciplinary team

Engaged, experienced and maintaining a wide network locally, nationally and internationally.

An agile and dynamic structure

Who has already received multiple awards such as the “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” award (Innovative Young Company). 

A diversified activity

An exploration conducted under different approaches and at different stages of maturity.

Key partnerships

45-8 ENERGY benefits from multiple scientific and technical collaboration.

An active R&D

Ongoing projects having a high commercial potential providing a real competitive advantage.

Our objectives by 2030

2.8 Mm3/year of helium in Europe covering 12% of the annual European consumption of helium gas.

10 000 T/year of decarbonated hydrogen in Europe representing 1.5 times the current European production of decarbonated hydrogen.

125 M€ of turnover/year with EBITDA margins aboves 50%.

And the exploratory areas currently being developed could take these objectives much further!

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