Press releases

December 2023

45-8 ENERGY & Storengy:
a collaboration begins

Retrospective EN

October 2023

Retrospective & Way forward

September 2023

Funding of 2,88M€ for the Avant-Monts franc-comtois project

March 2023

Closing of 20M€ fundraising

February 2023

SurfMoG H₂ launch

February 2023

Grant obtained for RECYCL'He, mobile recycling solution

October 2022

Launch of the Guhlen project in Germany

September 2022

Obtaining the Avant-Monts franc comtois exploration license

November 2021

Closing of 4.9M€ fundraising

June 2021

Obtaining the Fonts-Bouillants exploration license

April 2021

PROMET-Hé winner of the "Plan de relance pour l'Industrie"

October 2020

Greentech Innovation label

June 2020

Closing of fund raising 1.3M€

October 2019

Fonts-Bouillants exploration license

September 2019

Appointment of a strategic committee