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Exploration & Production

45-8 ENERGY is dedicated to the exploration and production of eco-responsible industrial gases such as helium and natural hydrogen. Our ambition is to become the first European producer of helium and natural hydrogen. To achieve this goal, our positioning is based on 3 essential pillars:

Our exploration and production projects


Avant-Monts franc-comtois

Grand Rieu

Guhlen II

Innovative solutions

45-8 ENERGY is developing business units that are complementary to its exploration and production activities. In 2023, 45-8 ENERGY has announced the development of two innovative solutions: RECYCL’He and SurfMoG H₂.

Our first mobile helium recycling unit, an innovation that improves the reuse of this strategic resource.

Based on years of development and expertise in instrumentation and gases, SurfMoG H₂ is the ideal tool to conduct long-term monitoring of natural hydrogen in the subsurface.